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How long does it take for new subscriptions to start?  Publishers request we tell new subscribers eight to twelve weeks.  Weekly or bi-weekly publications will take less time.  The lengthy period is primarily due to publishers pre-labeling one or two issues forward, meaning they do not add new subscribers until the subsequent second or third issue.  The frequency of the publication—bi-monthly or quarterly also affects the timing of receipt, as do other factors.

What should I do if I receive duplicates? We need a copy of the two mailing labels from each duplicate subscription.  Most customers fax (908 791 4434) or email (scan to info@alinimag.com) us a copy of the labels.  Sending label copies via the USPS or writing the information from the mailing label in an email is fine as well.  We will then call the publishers and have the subscriptions combined and extended.  Please be aware that you are likely to receive one or two more duplicates after the accounts have been combined.

How can I access the storefront? The storefront is username and password protected. It is for existing customers who use P-cards for purchasing their subscriptions.  It is not available to anyone using a purchase order.  If you are able to use a P-card and would like to access the storefront please contact us and we will set up an account for you. 

Will switching to your service from another cause problems with delivery?  Not if you provide us with the exact mailing address used for your current subscriptions, ie name, institution, address.  When we match it exactly, we  send the order in as a renewal and service will continue without disruption. 

How will I know when to renew my subscriptions?  We send all of our customers a renewal quote approximately 3-4 months before their order was processed the previous year.  That provides enough time to make any desired changes and for us to process the order in time to prevent gaps in the subscription. 

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