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STEM JOBS QUARTERLY:--designed to aid teachers and inspire middle & high school students to pursue STEM education and careers. The platform includes a print magazine, website, and educational tools

For children 5 and under check out DOT and Spanish DOT. " DOT encompasses all aspects of a child’s life, from jumping in puddles to learning through play. It encourages kids to be resourceful and find solutions using all the tools they naturally have at their disposition: imagination, creativity and fun."

Also Anorak for ages 6 plus.  "Every issue has a theme (inspired by the British National Curriculum) to inspire and encourage kids to tap into their natural creativity and learn while having fun. Every edition has plenty of beautifully illustrated stories, games and activities to keep your little ones' creative cells buzzing."

For those needing a less expensive alternative to School LIbrary Journal take a look at Story Monsters Inc. In its own words..."the literary resource for teachers, librarians and parents".

A new magazine for middle school young ladies.  "STRONG. The Magazine for Girls"  "STRONG seeks to be a magazine that genuinely reflects girls today with their diverse lives and interests.  It seeks to inspire girls by allowing them to read about other girls and women like them who are pursuing their dreams, and breaking glass ceilings. We feature strong female role models and show girls how to be responsible for their own bodies and minds."  Four issues a year.  You can check it out at the website--Issue 1 is available online and in print free of charge (you can view it at www.strongmagazineforgirls.com)

We now offer bulk subscriptions to all Cricket Meda peridodicals--Ask, Cricket, Cicada, Click, Dig, Faces, Ladybug, Cobblestone, Muse, Spider.  For quantities of 20 or more per title the price is $10.00 per copy.

Cricket also offers bundles for elementary and middle schools with reduced pricing: Elementary bundle is Ladybug, Spider, Click, Ask and Cricket-- $24.97 for each title instead of $33.95.  The middle school bundle is Cobblestone, Faces, Dig and Muse.  Also $24.97 per title versus $33.95. 

For those looking for a video game magazine for younger children consider Little Player It is intended for 5-12 year olds and does not review games intended for teens or mature audiences.

Urbangirlz is back--"a nationally distributed magazine for tweens and teens of color".  Four issues per year.   Contact Alini for pricing. 

A new dinosaur series from the publisher of Zoobooks called Zoodinos.  Ages 5 and up.  Includes 6 magazines, 6 activity books and free digital access.

If you are looking for a teen magazine for African Americans take a look at Sesi.  In the magazine's own words--"a print, teen magazine for Black girls....read about celebs, beauty, your issues, your culture and much more".

With STEM, coding and computer science popular topics consider Kids, Code and Computer Science, a bi-monthly magazine. "The magazine explores computer science, and softare programming.  Its for kids, parents, teachers, and adults who want to learn and have fun with technology."

For girls 6-11, a "craftsy" magazine--Curious Jane.  DIY projects, how-tos, cut-out crafts, profiles.  The Spring 2015 issue features, rubber band cars, mini-catapults, cake pops, glitter jars and more. 

With Yum for Kids having ceased, besides Chop Chop, there is Butternut Magazine for ages 3-6 and Ingredient for ages 6-12.  The latter deals with food and cooking--activites, recipes, games and short written pieces. 

Interesting periodical out of Canada--Brainspace.  In its own words.."fun ways to explore math, science, language, geography, history, usic and art."  It has interactive video by hovering phone or tabley over the print page!!!.  Four issues per year.  It is not yet in the posted catalog so please email if interested. 

Peppa Pig a new early learning periodical for ages 2-7 is now available.  Call or email for pricing.  Six issues per year

A new "animal" publication for ages 6-12 -- Animal Tales.  You can check it out at its website.

For those interested in the environmental arena check out EcoParent.  It is a quarterly magazine for families that want to make healthier, greener lifestyle choices. Food, fashion, books, travel, health & beauty, home & garden.

With STEM big now, check out STEM magazine at http://www.stemmagazine.com .  Contact us for pricing.  In the words of the publisher..."S.T.E.M. Magazine is not a curriculum, but rather a resource of awareness that exists to provide clarity on the subject of how we already incorporate S.T.E.M. into every class, how to encourage the creative process and cultivate curiosity in both the teacher and student."  It is delivered digitally only but one can download a pdf version.

For ESL and language teachers in general Language magazine is highly informative.  We have a few copies that we can send out to interested customers.

Many customers have reading available for parents.  Take a look at Your Teen.  It is easy to read and informative.  Four issues per year.


Renewal quotes:  If you would like to receive your renewal list via email, instead of via postal service, please drop us a line at info@alinimag.com.

PUBLISHERS AND LIBRARY ORDERS: It is increasingly apparent that publishers are placing much blame on libraries for the current industry problems.  Misplaced of course but they still do it.  Numerous publishers will no longer accept library orders.  We are increasingly in a position of not being able to use the word library in the address information. 


 6-1-18: Rolling Stone will no longer be offered.  Please order direct (last RS pricing was $50.00!!!).

5-16-18: "Internet@Schools is now incorporating with "Computers in Libraries Magazine" as of January/February 2018 Volume 38#1 "Emerging Tech" Computers in Libraries Magazine has 10 issues a year.... combined issues January/February and July/August --- we are offering our customers that received  "Internet @ Schools" the same price that they paid $49.95 ..to receive Computers in Libraries..

1-3-18: American Cheerleader is ceasing publication.

12-6-17: Soccer America is now internet only, no print subscriptions.

11-3-17:  Teen Vogue has ceased publication.

7-1-17:  DIscovery Girls has stopped taking orders. 

6-10-17:  Robot has ceased publication.

5-15-17: Craft ideas has ceased.  Dr OZ is no longer accepting subscriptions. 

4-27-17: Ebony has stopped accepting orders. 

4-25-17:  Verizon has changed its email server to AOL (now part of Verizon) and there is a new learning process for AOL as to which emails should go through to our folders.  We check the AOL spam folder every few days.  Our apologies if there is a delay in responding. 

3-7-17:  Popular Photography is ceasing publication. 

2-28-17:  Teen Vogue is now only four issues per year.

1-23-17:  Our NYC DOE contract has been renewed. 

1-23-17: Ride BMX has ceased publication.

1-4-17:  Self is ceasing publication. 

12-19-16: Alini has been awarded a New York State contract for serial subscriptions for 2017-2022.  The contract number has changed.  Please email for the new number.

9-26-16: Agency NY Times print subscriptions no longer include digital access.  This is due, apparently, to "security concerns".  We can offer a separate digital subscription on top of the print subscription.  Customers can also go directly to the NY Times and request an educator's subscription.  This includes one digital access point. 

9-20-16: Seventeen is now only five issues per year.  To our New York State Customers: In renewing our state contract the Office of General Services changed our New York State Contract number.  Please call or email for our new state contract number.


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